Timely servicing and maintenance are essential for extending the lifespan of your vehicle and retaining its efficiency. Those who get in touch with light vehicle mechanics only when they start witnessing signs of damage, end up paying a good price. For the convenience of the users, all vehicles come with smart symbols and indicators these days. The electronic computer system of every vehicle is directly linked to the dashboard for the proper functionality of these indicator lights. In case of an internal issue, these lights start blinking to remind the user regarding routine service.

While some manufacturers program the vehicle’s electronic system to generate reminder based on the condition of its components, other use mileage as a parameter for the decision-making process. Neglecting signs of damage in your vehicle can do more harm than good. It is important to understand the meaning of each indicator light for taking good care of your vehicle. Here are a few car dashboard indicators that you need to know about:-

  • Brake system alert
    When your vehicle’s brake system alert starts indicating a red sign, it is a good time to start looking for an experienced mechanic. This usually happens when the level of brake fluid falls dramatically. Visiting a nearby car repair service at an early stage will allow you to rectify issues, fix leaks and get damaged linings repaired in time.

  • Battery warning
    Battery warning sign starts flashing when your vehicle is about to shut down soon. This light indicates that the battery of your vehicle needs professional attention. Even if you understand the basic concepts of vehicle dynamics and installed systems, it is always better to seek help from a professional.

  • Oil pressure warning
    If your vehicle’s oil pressure warning light is blinking, you need to shut down your car immediately. Those who continue using their car in spite of this warning, often end up causing severe damage to the engine. Maintaining the right oil pressure at all times is an absolute necessity. Approach an experienced professional in case the pressure drops from its standard value.

  • Engine management light
    When the system detects an internal fault with the engine, this light comes into play. In most cases, this indicator depicts issues with emission and internal operations. Your car can go into limp mode if you do not get the system checked immediately.

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