Because there is a wide variety of brands and types available in the market, selecting a new set of brake pads for your car can be a daunting task. However, you don’t have to be a specialist in order to be able to make the right choice. With a bit of research and comparisons, you can ensure you are choosing the best brake pads for your vehicle. In this blog, we are going to share a few things that you should consider when selecting a brake pad:-

Driving Style – Start the selection process by choosing a brake pad that matches your driving style. The material requirements for pads vary depending on the driving style. If you are a regular driver, then a semi-metallic brake pad might do the job for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for high-performance brake pads in Eastlake, ceramic brake pads will better suit your requirements. For basic to average driving requirements, a fully metallic brake pad is a good choice.

Driving Conditions – Tough driving conditions, such as extremely cold, extremely hot, high dust levels, humidity, etc. are more likely to damage your brake pads faster. Before you select one for your vehicle; whether it is small, commercial or anything in between; check how it performs in challenging conditions. Ideally, an all-weather high-performance brake pad in Eastlake is the way to go.

Friction – Friction is the measure of how the brake pad exerts changes with respect to temperature. It’s also a measure of how much force you are required to exert on the pedal to ensure the same level of friction during high energy braking conditions.

NVH Levels – NVH levels are a measure of how much noise and vibrations the brake pad exerts once the pressure is applied to them. H stands for harshness – how rough or unpleasing the brake application and pedal feel.

Still, confused? Let the specialists at E2Automotive help you figure out and install the right brake pad for high-performance of your vehicle.