Have you ever wondered how vigorously the engine in your car works? Any general 4 cylinder vehicle produces close to 4000 controlled explosions every minute, which help the car to run down the roads. This happens when the fuel gets ignited by the spark plug. Imagine the kind of heat these explosions produce. If this heat is left uncontrolled, it will destroy the engine entirely. This is when the vehicle engine cooling system comes into the picture.

How to figure if the cooling system is failing?

1.Your car has a gauge that shows the temperature of the engine. If you see a substantial rise in temperature, immediately take your car to a mechanic because chances are that you have a broken cooling system.

2.Most of the times, there is a leak in the cooling system of the car, resulting in overheating. The best way in which you can find this out is to see if your car is giving out white exhaust smoke.

3.Sometimes, the level of coolant in the cooling system goes way down than it should. As a general rule, you should perform preventive maintenance from time to time, and get it refilled every now and then.

4.There are times when you can see a green thick smelling liquid dripping from your car. This liquid is actually the coolant. The fact that you can see it dripping means that there is a coolant leak in the system.

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