For an automobile fanatic, it is of utmost importance that their car remains in perfect condition. Other than keeping it in drivable condition, under all circumstances, it also matters that there are no hidden issues lurking inside unbeknownst to them. Apart from checking the engine oil, washing the car regularly, keeping the windshield clean, and so many other obvious factors, there are a few others that you can do yourself, without going to an automotive expert shop.

To help keep your car damage-free and to prevent any damage in the future, here’s a list of a few maintenance tips that will keep your car looking good as new.

1.Check the air filter

The air filter is an important component inside the engine. To observe it, you can remove the air filter element and hold it in front of strong light. In case it seems opaque and you don’t see any light, you should replace it. Your air filter could get ruined before its recommended date of replacement in case you drive a lot in harsh weather conditions.

2.Inspect CV (constant-velocity) joints

In most front and four-wheel drive cars, you would find bellow-like rubber boots, which are commonly known as CV boots. These are present on the drive axles. If you see any cuts or cracks in them, do not wait to replace them with new ones. These cracks can get filled with dirt, if not taken care of, and can lead to an expensive fix later.

3.Exhaust system

Should you find any rusted parts under the car in the exhaust system, clean them and also tighten loose clamps, if any. Paying careful attention to your car’s noise will help you diagnose the trouble better.

These are the most basic, yet strong maintenance points. If you feel that your car isn’t performing up to the mark, it’s advisable that you seek the help of an expert advanced automotive diagnostics and repair team, such as E2 Automotive. We can fix the most complex systems on today’s ever-changing automotive technology. Call us!