Car engine noises are common and occur in almost all cars, no matter the make and model. When the engine works tirelessly to keep you moving on the road, its parts tend to loosen up or may go through wear and tear if you are more of a high-revving driver. As a result, engine noise occurs. What’s more, bumpy roads, dirt, lack of care, and other factors may exacerbate these noises, reducing the quality of driving. While you may get accustomed to most of them, you can’t ignore a few.

Here are a few car engines noises that demand your attention, and possibly a visit to a car engine diagnostic tester in Wickliffe:

Engine Knocking Sounds

Knocking sound is most commonly heard when you change gears and accelerate while driving. It may often appear as if something inside the engine is knocking on it. However, car engine diagnostic testers in Wickliffe say that it occurs because of the early ignition of the air-fuel mixture, which is timed to burn for maximum power output. However, if the mixture ignites before or after then the expected time, problems may arise, including the knocking sound. In such a case, consider getting your engine tuned with the help of a car engine diagnostic tester in Wickliffe.

Rattling on cold start

Many car engines rattle on a cold start, especially during winters. This is generally because of the timing chain fitted in the engine. If left unattended, the sound may worsen over time as the chain wears out. If you have reasons to believe that your car engine rattles on a cold start, visit a car engine diagnostic tester in Wickliffe or else, the damaged timing chain may wreck the overall engine.

Tapping noise

You may have probably heard of weird, annoying noise coming from tappets or the upper valve train. This is a common engine noise that many people refer to as tappet noise. It technically happens when the tappets get loose because of harsh driving, over-revving or worn out tapper springs. This can only be resolved by removing the engine head and carefully replacing the tappet springs or tightening them. Your car engine diagnostic tester in Wickliffe will help you get rid of this noise from the engine.

Final Note

While most car engine noises don’t indicate any serious problems, some like those we discussed, may lead to other serious problems in the engine. This is why it’s crucial to get them checked as soon as they occur.

If you are looking for a car engine diagnostic tester in Wickliffe, we are a locally owned and operated full-service automotive repair center with a wealth of experience to send you back home with a smooth-working car.